This contest has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated. I'll hold more contests like this in the future 🖤

Two winners have been chosen!

sunshine, dappled ripples
of you, carried in the stream
emptied out to a sink, postgres?
- Nic Pegg
A lovely summer sunset.
The wind flutters the reeds.
My letter is dead in a queue.
Eugene Tolbakov

Original post (this contest has ended)

Write Haiku. Get a signed book.

I have two extra copies of my book, Mastering Kafka Streams and ksqlDB. If you want a free, signed copy, please join my haiku contest to show that you can create something powerful and moving with only a few words. If you can, these technologies are right up your alley. Here are the rules:


  • Your poem must be 3 lines long
  • Don't worry about the 5-7-5 syllable rule in traditional haiku. Just make sure your poem flows well.
  • Like all haiku, your poem should be succinct, yet beautiful
  • Incorporate some seasonal or natural imagery (spring time, streams, trees, flowers, snow, whatever you like) and something related to software or computers
  • Respond directly to the thread on Twitter or LinkedIn to submit your haiku
  • Winners will be chosen on March 25th (I'll DM you in LinkedIn or Twitter - wherever you submitted your haiku)
  • If you live outside the continental US, I'll provide a free digital copy of the book, instead.


Cherry blossoms float outside
I can almost hear the wind
It's just the laptop fan

Kafka Streams Book